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Cat. No. Product Name CAS No. Description Details
HD03068 Boc-MMAE 1404072-04-3
HD03036 (3R,4S,5S)-4-((S)-2-((S)-2-(dimethylamino)-3-methylbutanamido)-N,3-dimethylbutanamido)-3-methoxy-5-methylheptanoic acid hydrochloride 2247145-33-9
HD02995 FMOC-3AA-OH 863971-44-2
HD02992 N-Acetyl-Calicheamicin Derivative 1
HD00092 Staphylococcus aureus enterotoxin A/E-120 NA
HD00091 Pseudomonas aeruginosa exotoxin PE38 91262-95-2
HD01383 ST02010505
HD00468 Deruxtecan 1599440-13-7 ADC payload+linker
HD00453 Impurity of exatecan 2231666-58-1
HD00443 VcMMAE 646502-53-6 Tubulin polymerase inhibitor
HD00445 N-Me-L-Ala-maytansinol 77668-69-0 Tubulin polymerase inhibitor
HD00446 Val-Cit-PAB-MMAE 644981-35-1 Tubulin polymerase inhibitor
HD00427 Spliceostatin A 391611-36-2 RNA synthesis inhibitor
HD00426 Duocarmycin A 118292-34-5 An antitumor antibiotic
HD00239 PDM-3 72902-38-6 Produced by incubation of the corresponding methylated compound with Bacillus megaterium.
HD00143 Doxorubicin 23214-92-8 Anti-tumor antibiotic, inhibiting synthesis of RNA and DNA
HD00093 MMAE 474645-27-7 Microtubule inhibitor
HD00089 DM1-SMCC 1228105-51-8 Payload linker conjugate
HD00084 Dov-Val-Dil-OH·TFA 133120-89-5 Intermediate for Quinstatin
HD00043 N-Acetyl-Calicheamicin 108212-76-6 DNA synthesis inhibitor

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