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Cat. No. Product Name CAS No. Description Details
HD03945 Oleandomycin phosphate 7060-74-4
HD03042 Leucomycin (Kitasamycin) 1392-21-8
HD03043 Tetracycline hydrochloride 64-75-5
HD03041 kanamycin B sulfate (Amikacin EP Impurity D) 29701-07-3
HD03023 Bicozamycin 38129-37-2
HD02998 ORITAVANCIN 171099-57-3
HD00491 N-Acetylisopenicillin N 94040-19-4 It has antibacterial effect on β-lactam sensitive Escherichia coli
HD00482 Abbeymycin 108073-64-9 Antibiotic isolated from the Streptomyces sp. AB-999F52.
HD00380 Tobramycin 32986-56-4 Aminoglycoside antibiotics
HD00336 Tylvalosin 63409-12-1 A new macrolide antibiotic
HD00337 Minocycline 10118-90-8 A broad-spectrum tetracycline antibiotic
HD00340 Meropenem 96036-03-2 Carbapenem antibiotics
HD00320 Diniconazole 83657-24-3 Newly developed fungicide
HD00314 Ofloxacin 82419-36-1 Fluoroquinolone;bacterial DNA gyrase inhibitor
HD00312 Cefradine 38821-53-3 Cephalosporin
HD00118 Naphthomycin A 55557-40-9 A type of naphthomycin.
HD00377 Tigecycline 220620-09-7 A broad-spectrum glycylcycline antibiotic.
HD00373 DMCTC 64-73-3 A tetracycline antibiotic; is an antibiotic in the treatment of Lyme disease, acne, and bronchitis.
HD00374 Mupirocin 12650-69-0 An orally active antibiotic isolated from Pseudomonas fluorescens.
HD00366 Josamycin 16846-24-5 Macrolide antibiotic

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